Tsidkenu Fire Academy!

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CLICK HERE to Register for Fire Academy Discipleship School and Watch Jesus Change Your Life! Next Class Starts on September 23rd 2019.

Registration for the Fire Academy

Register on the left by clicking  on the "click here" text and filling out application. We're so excited you are wanting to come out to the Fire Academy and grow in being a disciple of Jesus! Let's see Jesus change the world through His Gospel, His Miracles and His Love!

What the Fire Academy Is:

This school is focused on not just teaching students, but much hands-on and on-streets training to help raise up disciples of Christ who walk in the key principles of identity, son-ship, relationship, avoiding performance. And who know how to walk in a accelerated version of the gifts with the Holy Spirit: healing, deliverance, baptizing in Holy Spirit and Tongues, prophecy, etc. This will teach you how to walk in incredible power and how to become a world changing evangelists and disciple of Jesus! We only allow teachers in this school who walk in incredible, power, identity and who currently go to the streets themselves. This way everything we teach is from people actively and daily involved in bringing the kingdom and gathering the harvest! Currently Art Montgomery has led over 500,000 souls to Jesus and scene thousands healed and delivered and has traveled the world for 35 years and Ben Wisan who has helped activate thousands to move in the power of God, he has seen thousands saved and personally prayed for and seen hundreds healed all through the power of Jesus Christ! These two are the main teachers with many other local and some national speakers coming in.

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What is our Focus?

We are one of the few schools in the world with a strong focus on hands-on and actually going training, the goal of this school is the full equipping of the saints! Up to this point we have had 4 conferences, one revival and about 7 missions trips and have been able to activate over two thousand people to walk out the power that is already inside of them in healing, deliverance, prophecy and all the gifts! If you think you can't heal, or walk in any of these gifts, or are newer to this, or just want to go deeper this school is for you!

Our goal is to teach incoming students how to walk in deep relationship with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit in son-ship and in the full power and love that we were made to walk in as a Mark 16 disciple of Jesus! This school will change your life!



We wanted to keep the school on a shorter time frame, because we don't believe you need a long time to learn these fundamental principles and see personal transformation and change the world! Jesus sent out the 70 after just being with him a short time and they came back raising the dead, casting out demons and saving the lost! You will too!!

The school will be 24 weeks, with a different topic focus each week, our next class will start September 23rd, students must be pre-registered to join! Please email: kathleengrant1027@gmail.com for more information about the school and registration!

At the end each student will receive a Ministry School of Fire Certificate and will be able to travel on missions trips through the school and go around changing the world and activating churches, countries and cities with us! Teachers: Art Montgomery, Ben Wisan and many other local and national fiery evangelists will come in and help fully equip our students to walk in the full power and love of disciples of Jesus!