Volunteer Opportunities

If you enjoy the spirit-filled services at Church TsidKenu, love to worship with us and want to be a more active part of our congregation, you are invited to volunteer with us! We have plenty of different volunteer opportunities available for people who are in tune with our approach and want to be more of a disciple.

Whether you want to help us minister to others or you have unique talents that you’d like to use in God’s service, we welcome your input and participation.

A Community of Givers

One thing a lot of our congregants have in common is a desire to give back to their community. They want to make everywhere a better place for all of the world's creatures, starting locally – and one way of doing so is via volunteer work.

One of the best forms of volunteering for many people is doing volunteer work directly with their church, working with people you already know and care about. Your church can help you find the right kinds of outreach work to suit your personality and talents.

When you take part in Church TsidKenu volunteer activities such as out Homeless Outreach program, you are benefiting others both materially and spiritually. Through our healings and evangelism, we take our ministry outside the four walls of our church and bless others in the San Diego community.

Volunteer Opportunities in Our Church

Not the extroverted type, but you still want to do your part to support Church TsidKenu and our ministries? There is a place for you in our important work, too. Volunteers can help to maintain the church building and keep it beautiful by doing tasks such as painting the walls, putting up decor, keeping the furnishings in good repair, and assisting in specific activities such as mopping floors.

It may not seem like much, but these physical tasks can help make our church a more welcoming, beautiful and safe place. Knowing that you’ve been responsible for making the church an inviting place is a good feeling you can enjoy every single time you show up for church services. And taking care of His house is a beautiful way to serve and glorify God!

Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising is another crucial part of helping the church. Funding helps provide churches with much needed funds to provide for members in need, or to cover the cost of outreach activities such as our Homeless Outreach that also meet the physical needs of the people we minister to. They know they can turn to the church in the event they find they are facing a fiscal crisis that makes it hard for them to feed their children, and developing a closeness with a church also helps them come closer to their Creator.

Fundraising can also provide materials to keep the church running and make sure it has the money to perform routine maintenance and repairs. Church members can help by raising funds via a variety of methods, from direct appeals to coming up with ideas for or helping to run fundraising events. This is another area where your God-given strengths can be put to good use to help our church with its important work!

Doing Good, Feeling Great

There are many benefits to helping your friendly neighborhood church:

  • You can make lifelong friendships with people who share your values and beliefs.
  • A nice side benefit of volunteering is the sense of self-confidence and pride it can give you – not a harmful pride, either, but a good feeling that spurs you on to further acts of kindness and generosity.
  • Volunteering makes you more open to helping, more aware of the suffering of others, and more compassionate overall. Those improvements, in turn, help you to become the person God created you to be.

Volunteers frequently report a renewed sense of fellowship and a sense of being in this effort together with their fellow members. They feel more compassionate as they know they've opened their hearts, taken their love for their neighbor, and done something concrete and special to show it.

Part of Something Larger

A disciple who volunteers also gets to work with others for a common cause. When church members get together to engage in church related activities such as our ministries, they are creating a body of members who share the same goal. Each volunteer is given the opportunity to use their God given talents in a way that helps glorify what the church stands for and what they personally believe.

Those who work with others find their own beliefs and their own faith gets even stronger. They also find that they have other benefits as well. They find it easier to understand another person's faith and in doing so, they find new reasons for their own faith and love of God. When people realize the power that faith has, they also frequently find a renewed strength and better understanding of their own relationship with God.

Every Bit Helps

It might not seem like what you have to offer is a lot, but it’s true: every bit really does help! Volunteers help the church save money on services, and spend money where it will do the most good. When a volunteer paints the church or answers the phones, officials no longer have to hire someone else to do these things. These volunteers are freeing up funds for the church's most important outreach efforts.

Compassionate volunteers make it possible for Church TsidKenu’s leadership to offer even more help for the needy members of their community. They also help by inspiring others along the way. When church members who haven’t volunteered (yet) see that others are doing necessary church volunteer work, they may come to realize how much they can also benefit by volunteering as well.

Creating a Community

Ultimately, volunteers help the church create a community. They create a home for all to worship and find a sense of peace and a greater, fuller understanding of their own spirituality.

Volunteers are those who freely, of their own volition, choose to give of their time and their energy to the church. They make it possible for the church to function more efficiently and for the church to achieve its overall mission. In doing so, members who volunteer are making their lives better.

Volunteering is a way to put your belief into action while getting to know some of your fellow church members better. Church volunteers are God’s own “good and faithful servants,” and that can’t help but make you feel good about the work you’re doing!