Revival Fiyah!

Revival Fiyah in San Diego! (Miracles start .40 seconds minute in)

Wow!! We are seeing so many people touched and wrecked with God's love and power! San Diego can't stopping seeing God show up!

Let’s talk for two seconds about revival in San Diego. There is a move of God moving like never before. The Holy Spirit is showing up in services all over, and the people are getting transformed. We are sending many people on to the streets, and they are all experience the amazing power of God!

One of our favorite things to do is to go on the streets and do outreach, this is typically some parts as homeless outreach almost outreach, and some parts straight evangelism by fire! Many of our people started shyer and after awhile they have changed to be world changers on the streets!

God is honestly moving like crazy, and the last two years we’ve seen hundreds of people healed, and typically anywhere from 5 to 20 people safe tonight. There’s something about moving in the power of God, and allowing the Holy Spirit to show up and show off that draws people are crazy. If you ever get a chance come out with us, typically are out rages or on Thursday or Friday night, and they are always mind blowing for the people who show up as you guys show off!

Huge love on you guys!

Revival in TJ!

OK, wow this is more amazing! Revival in Mexico!! I don’t like to use the word revival lightly, because I feel many times we over use this as an expression to describe a manifestation of God’s presence, or excitement at a church. I would say revival to me is when transformation is happening all around me, and God’s power is showing up, and people are being added to the kingdom daily and people are getting baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit and fire just like in Acts 2.

This is exactly what is happening in Mexico, Tijuana for now, but soon the whole country will be moving in the power of God! We did a crusade there six months ago with Ben Lim's ministry, and God showed up like crazy. We always take about 20 to 30 people on the streets, and pray for hurting girls, prostitutes, suicidal people, drug dealers, young man looking for love in the wrong places. And what happens is always incredible! People falling out in the Holy Spirit on the streets, girls giving their lives to Jesus. People getting healed left and right of everything you can imagine.

There is nothing special about us, we just believe and expect God to show up and He always does and in the Mark 16 gospel!! We’re also really big on discipleship and helping people grow in their gifting‘s and callings!

Revival in Church!

Revival in a church setting!! WHAT??! To me this is one of my favorite things to talk about. There is clearly a revival starting to happen on the streets all over America and the world. But what about reformation inside the church?? What about seeing the Holy Spirit show up like never before, and people experiencing massive conviction, massive deliverance, massive healings, and massive transformation??

This is what we love to see, we love to see the church ceasing to be a social place, and again becoming a place where the presence of God can move in strength.  And we are seeing this!! And in this church, Holy Spirit always shows up, and people always get wrecked with his Presence and fire! And for the many churches we have kick started, it’s the same thing! People are ready for something new! Again. Let’s give them the real Jesus!!

I will end with this, Jesus said "the zeal of my fathers house has eating me up", we need to have zeal for God’s house, that it would be a place of prayer, worship, supplication and not just a place for people to do business, find friends, and be social. Community in church is a very good thing, but should never be put over the fact that it is God’s house and a hospital for the hurting!