Let’s Reach the World With God’s Love and Power!

This healing was at our Chicano Park Revival Event!

As a church we are called not just to services BUT also OUTSIDE of the four corners of our building, to have a impact and effect on those around us, we are not content at Church Tsidkenu to just “play church”, but we are called to “preach the gospel of Jesus and lay hands on the sick and watch them recover!” (Mark 16:17-18). Our outreach events buy research papers online academic essay writers are focused on tow things, reaching the LOST for Jesus and activating our spiritual gifts and our ability to be LED by the Holy Spirit!

We do multiple events each week and we have seen amazing and incredible miracles through them! Last year our evangelism teams estimates about too healings, as well as deliverances and people getting baptized in the Holy Spirit and Fire!

We are not just called locally, but internationally, 2 years ago we went on a France mission trip and were able to visit a Muslim refugee camp and see 40-60 Muslims give their hearts to Jesus because of the power of God!

Muslim Brothers Saved in France!

This healing was at our Chicano Park Revival Event!

We are a church called to revival and recognize everyone’s need in and outside of the church for the REAL God. WE have activated hundreds now in their gifts and in buy research papers online academic essay writers evangelism. Most of them were very scared to start, but once you get out there, it’s like nothing else you have experienced! Jesus said: “I have meat you know not off” doing outreach will not only change other people’s lives, but it may also change you:)

We have 1-2 different weekly outreaches at different days and times, these are always updated in our events section on this website and on our Facebook page and APP (Church Tsidkenu), rsvp and checkout some our studies and grow with us!