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Pastor Ben and Lydia are all about the Holy Spirit and truly listening to God. They are brining God's people back to him.
Church Tsidkenu under the leadership of the Holy Spirit assisted by Pastors Ben and Lydia Wisan is the closest church to a first generation Book of Acts church that I have ever attended.
God is doing some amazing things through the people at this church! Trust in the LORD!
Awesome experience of Church. It's the real deal.
Church Tsidkenu or TK is truly an amazing place to be discipled, according to the Gospel of Jesus, and to find a community of believers.
I went for the first time today and I Love this church. It isn't lukewarm like other ones. Everyone is so friendly and are on fire for God.
The atmosphere is the most genuinely friendly and welcoming we’ve ever experienced (not the typical “we want you to come here so or numbers grow and we feel good about ourselves” friendly, either).
I have been to church TK now a couple of times and I can tell you it is truly what I think the church should aspire to be!
Every one here is focused on loving God and loving others . Many great events and activities that help grow the church in unity .
You instantly feel like family around them, loved and accepted. They are bold to worship and Minister and evangelize!
Awesome worship, awesome people who are filled with the Holy Spirit and a heart to show the love of Jesus where ever they go.
It's a great church that makes you feel at home and is full of Holy Spirit power!!
The teaching is practical and relevant to living life on fire for God, empowering you to share Him with others outside of church!
So much LOVE here!!!
I love it I truly feel the presence leading every second of service
Wow just wow!!! Holy Spirit Fire!!!!!
Love coming here! True believers/followers of the Trinity! The presence of the Lord is most definitely here! Holy spirit filled Church! I highly recommend if...
Awesome place to share so much love and they sure have unconditional love for everyone, Come on Jesus
A awesome place to fellowship and so real that once you visit , peace will have a true meaning
Great people that are Spirit filled, do I need to say more?
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