Tsidkenu Fire Academy of the Supernatural

This school is focused on not just teaching students, but much hands-on and on-streets training to help raise up disciples of Christ who walk in the key principles of identity, son-ship, relationship, avoiding performance. And who know how to walk in a accelerated version of the gifts with the Holy Spirit: healing, deliverance, baptizing in Holy Spirit and Tongues, prophecy, etc. This will teach you how to walk in incredible power and how to become a world changing evangelists and disciple of Jesus! We only allow teachers in this school who walk in incredible, power, identity and who currently go to the streets themselves. This way everything we teach is from people actively and daily involved in bringing the kingdom and gathering the harvest!

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Mid-Week Power and Word!

For social events at church TK, we always have a lot going on, from game nights, to camping trips, we stay pretty active as a church. Our goal is to build access to community, but they were breaking bread from house to house daily. It is so important to have a deep community. One of our biggest goals with community is to promote depth and relationships, and sharing of genuine real life. It’s easy to know people on a shallow level, but we’ve Believe that God has called us to deep relationships with each one of our members. And this is our goal.

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Sunday Service

Services, the services at church Tsidkenu are very deep and a total opportunity to grow deeper in your relationship with the Word of God and the Presence of God. They are constructed in a very unique way that those three things, first create an opportunity for deep warship, it is our belief that church needs to create an atmosphere where you can encounter God, not merely hear about them but actually encounter him through his whole Holy spirit and worship. Second, deep teachings, we are very big on our church growing in the word of God, it’s so important to not just be about the Holy Spirit, but to have a healthy balance between the Holy Spirit and the word of God, so that our lives and you’ve God is very balanced. Community, we believe that church exist not justEncounter God, but also to build relationship with like-minded Christians, and encourage one another ticket works. The way the service is set up, there is audience participation, and the ability to minister to each other.

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Kids Church

Got kids? Want to raise them with a love of God and their fellow humans? Kids church, our San Diego children’s ministry, is an awesome opportunity for your children to enjoy growing closer to God and have fun with friends. Staffed by quality volunteers, our kids church is also a great chance for you to get a break and draw closer to God as well, knowing your kids are in good hands.

We have many awesome volunteers who love to help the kids grow in their relationships with God and with each other. The kids are taught about the Bible story in an age appropriate way, and cared for by our volunteers. We are very gratified when we see the fruits of our labor — we continually see the kids in our children’s ministry growing closer to each other and to Jesus!

When children get Godly instruction from an early age, it is easier for them to see His hand in their daily lives — in small events and big ones, too. And when you don’t have to be worried about where your child is at all times, it is much easier for you to work on your own relationship with your Creator. One of the side benefits of our children’s ministry is that your whole family has a chance to grow in their faith, and develop a rich spiritual life that will fill your home with love and gratitude for God’s many gifts.

Our children’s ministry gives your child a great foundation for a life lived in the church, with love of God and service to others being important parts of a rich spiritual life. Besides teaching the kids about what God has done for them and helping them to act respectfully to each other, we are also big on helping them cultivate their spiritual gifts and teach them how to heal and about their identity.

Kids church is about much more than just babysitting, although that is certainly a benefit for parents who want to enjoy the church service and enhance their own worship! If you’re interested in contacting our church’s children’s ministry in San Diego, please email our children’s coordinator Rose with any questions or affirmations you may have at: rosemary: or just send us your questions here.