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Tsidkenu Fire Academy!

Welcome to the private Tsidkenu Fire Academy Page!

This account contains information for all FA students as well as a record of classes to re-watch.

Since our main goal is hands-on with this class we ask that you would keep your login confidential and not show people not in class these videos. We want everyone who goes through the class to go through our workbook and have the ability to do hands-on!

Here are classes below! Enjoy!

Week #1 – Relationship With the Word

Week #2 – Relationship With Holy Spirit

Week #3 – Relationship With God!

Week #4 – Your Identity

Week #5 – Avoiding Performance

Week #0 Special Class – Ben Lim

Week #6 – Gifts: Healing on the Streets

Week#0 – Special Class – Todd Bentley

Week #7 – Gifts: Healing Yourself

Week #8 – Deliverance on the Streets

Week #9 – Gifts: Delivering Yourself

Week #10A – Gifts: Deeper Healing and Sozo

Week #10B – Gifts: Prophecy Michelle Padget

Week #11 – Gifts: Word of Knowledge/Wisdom

Week #12 – The Working of Miracles

Week #13 And #14 – Baptizing in Holy Spirit

Fire Academy Graduation! (No Sound)