But, in my opinion, is the title 2: pull the child to lie and enslavement, which should be the focus of our discussion really C.E.L.

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In: The Congress Educator CEL For teachers review French> Grammar Movements> Freinet movement> Life ICEM December 1950 The disagreement threat hanging over our movement had just a misunderstanding that we are eliminated – and our previous leader seems to have contributed decisively.

The misunderstanding arose because some of us simply forget their nature and function of educators, they underestimated the importance and scope, even and especially in regard to the great and important problem peace. Certainly, when the fire broke out in a village house and rings the alarm bell, the teacher does not continue his lesson placidly, while threatening disaster.

He runs inquire with the children themselves; and, if necessary, to prevent total disaster, put themselves in the chain, we are certainly not balk. But if the fire is localized, parents themselves will say to the master: – We no longer need you now. Keep those kids that bother us …

But it serves them right. Explain what the fire and the dangers it poses to the security of all. And the teacher return to his restless class and try to explore with children, how to avoid, in the future, the return and expansion of such disasters.

That is, must be our present situation. We must not be afraid to join the channel when serious events call our service and cause even children there. Some carry water with buckets, others will maneuver the pump, others will help to the police. The key is then to help with good will and fearlessness.

But then we are responsible for our children to be educated so that, tomorrow, they are able to prevent and declares that generalizes the destructive fire. Here is our own work; that we will study here in the coming months, and will be the central theme of our Congress Montpellier. I have in my previous article, set the pattern of this discussion; I would now go somewhat in detail so that the discussion can begin, orderly and profitable.

1. Form the man child: This is a discussion somewhat ideological, we need to address and develop, if only to compare our opinions and tell us to our own personal positions . There will, I believe, to clarify what we believe will be the man of tomorrow, in the society we want for our children. I said that this company is, we believe, the one where the individual can flourish maximum physiologically, intellectually, morally, artistically.

Perhaps would it instead of trying to define the human relationships and society and, in particular, our function facing the machinery that could enslave us in crumb society where profit is the first rule of action. During this discussion, we should show the true face of our French education, we would particularly distinguish American education, which has made a considerable effort to technical progress, but we seem to minimize the concern for humanity marks our pedagogy.

As well, we would have to see what differentiates us from the Russian pedagogy whose head stage is different from ours. Should we, on this, a good educational material on the various countries of the world without exception. And if, in our Congress, we homework service
could have pedagogues delegates from the various countries of the world, the study of this issue could be a step forward that would expand, so perhaps decisive, our pedagogical concern.

We will take steps to have our Congress delegates not only as usual, Swiss, Belgian and Dutch, but also German (two areas), Italian, English, American the USA, the Central America (perhaps Mexico), South America, and the Soviet delegates and popular democracies, not to mention the Scandinavian countries already announce our delegates. These delegates will be well aware that they come to a pedagogical Congress, where all political discussions will be reserved.

We will confront only the efforts made in all countries, to rescue children and prepare man “this most valuable asset.” As Aubert said, on the other hand, if we do not feel strong enough to face the educational debate and men of all stripes, then we no longer have the right to speak of modern pedagogy. We are preparing this discussion constantly confronting (3 and 4) our various opinions and our work nationally and internationally.

But this practical task no longer requires today discussion, but only action. This action, we carry on the national level, by developing a way unknown to this day, exchanges between students and teachers. And we will bring in the coming months, new perspectives for this acquaintanceship. You will see in this No, what we want to do internationally.

We are not saying that this is the fight of Peace. This is our special participation of educators in battle of Peace. And it is a participation that counts.

But, in my opinion, is the title 2: pull the child to lie and enslavement, which should be the focus of our discussion really C.E.L. This concern can and must permeate all our research in all disciplines. If we have developed new techniques for the French, grammar and spelling, is to snatch the child lies and the enslavement of writing obscurantist.

If we improve teaching, the calculation is trying to evade the man and child to the domination of the number and mechanics, and to teach him to calculate humanly understand the economics of its own life. If we teach them science experiments, is that he may one day dominate nature and enslave it to his advantage by a more rational and humane science.

If we invite him to the living geography, it is for him to live as a man, in an environment that closely experience with men who participate in the same human cycle. We want the children express themselves through drawing and music, so it makes art a creative element in his life, not a way to more minor conformism and interested brutishness. And we will in our next articles, ie including our contribution to the teaching of history in terms of peace.

Given the laudable concern politicians or educators who talk to develop textbooks, we bring practical solutions that have a chance to be openly and safely, constructive elements of Peace. That’s all this discussion we will face in detail. It shall be a fulfillment and a strengthening of our techniques.

This discussion will permeate our movement of this essential unit that wants men to come home and clans the Congress, not pacifists in word and events outside of the school, but also supporters of peace in our classrooms.

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