Mid-Week Power and Word!

For social events at church TK, we always have a lot going on, from game nights, to camping trips, we stay pretty active as a church. Our goal is to build access to community, but they were breaking bread from house to house daily. It is so important to have a deep community. One of our biggest goals with community is to promote depth and relationships, and sharing of genuine real life. It’s easy to know people on a shallow level, but we’ve Believe that God has called us to deep relationships with each one of our members. And this is our goal.

The west way to find out what events are going on, is to check out our Facebook page, or submit your email on our Contacts page, so we can add you to the church email and you’ll get a weekly event email to you.

Checkout our events on Facebook (no account needed): https://www.facebook.com/pg/ChurchTKSD/events/

Or enter your email right here to receive our newsletter of events, etc.

We are excited to get to know you better! Welcome to the church family.

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