Sunday Service

Services, the services at church Tsidkenu are very deep and a total opportunity to grow deeper in your relationship with the Word of God and the Presence of God. They are constructed in a very unique way that those three things, first create an opportunity for deep warship, it is our belief that church needs to create an atmosphere where you can encounter God, not merely hear about them but actually encounter him through his whole Holy spirit and worship. Second, deep teachings, we are very big on our church growing in the word of God, it’s so important to not just be about the Holy Spirit, but to have a healthy balance between the Holy Spirit and the word of God, so that our lives and you’ve God is very balanced. Community, we believe that church exist not justEncounter God, but also to build relationship with like-minded Christians, and encourage one another ticket works. The way the service is set up, there is audience participation, and the ability to minister to each other.

To see a full list of our service location and times,  please click here.

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